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"Thanks for a great site. Keep up the good work. And if you ever need another guy, let me know where to audition. Especially if Cynthia gets to be my agent". S.C.

"The agents are so beautiful. I don't care who the prospective models are. This is an amazing site." C.S.

"I LOVE this site. I've seen sites where a guy is an agent, but this is the first time I've ever seen a woman casting for porn!". L. T.

"Cool site. I had no idea women were agents in the porn biz. The three female agents really put themselves into their work. Girl or guy, it doesn't seem to matter matter. They fuck them all to make sure they can work in the biz. Thanks for a really unique site!" K.W.

"Love these new FemaleAgent vids, such a great take on the old formula.". B.W.

"Why did no one do this before. FUCKING.... BRILLIANT. That woman is a real lezzer you could tell. sooooooo hot damnnnnn." L.O.

"Ok, I'm hooked. Sensational variant of a favourite theme. Love the agent provocateur." P.P.

"AWESOME IDEA!!! Female agents along with Rick, this is just epic!" D.V.

"Bravo. This knocks back room casting couch out the park." M.P.

"These are some of the hottest lesbian scenes I have ever seen, feels really real. Nice to see a woman really eat a pussy for a change". L.W.

"Wow, where did this agent come from? Better than Jim and Rick!" A.L.

"I love this site, is Amazing to wonderful castings!! The three agents are gorgeous." H.L.

"I LOVE this site!! I'd love to be a fake casting agent, so many eager men and women just asking for it!! Well done!!!!". B.K.