Handsome Man Fills Agent's Tight Holes With Cum - Femaleagent

Handsome Man Fills Agent's Tight Holes With Cum

Jay (40 mins). Jay seemed as nervous as a dog at a flea market when he arrived and was wound up tighter then a banjo string. He constantly looked around and was suspicious of the cameras. The dildo I left sitting out on the desk like a phallic challenge also seemed to upset his demeanor. Maybe I shouldn't have tried assaulting him with it later, but if I was concerned about these guys feelings I wouldn't be doing this job. But I digress, when he realized what sort of casting this was he soon got into the swing of things and he had a nice sized cock on him and knew how to use it. I love the feel of a good cock inside me but he couldn't control his money shot and actually came in my sweet pussy. This just simply wouldn't do and I made sure he knew he upset me. Who the hell just creampies a girl on a casting, even if I could get him a job I wouldn't just for that, not very professional at all. Still his cock felt good and I enjoyed it inside of me.

March 18, 2012
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