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Blonde Shares Her Perfect Tits With MILF

Antonya (33 mins). Antonya is such a delightful girl, but being an established model already I knew she would be a tough nut to crack. But to get my mouth around those breasts would be worth every ounce of the effort and charm I would have to lay down. She was wary from the start, repeatedly asking me about the cameras and it took me awhile to convince her it was for my own database records only. I had to have this girl, she was stunning. Antonya recently had a boob job which increased her ample assets even further and they were like a red rag to a bull in my eyes. Luckily I could use her recent boob job to claim why my clients needed to see her in action with another girl, and also she has dyed her hair, so I dashed her arguments of why they couldn't just look her up on the internet. She was a different looking model now and they would need to see up to date footage of her. I won her round in the end and when I began to feast on her delicious pussy she seemed to forget that she was even being filmed, completely losing herself in her own carnal pleasure. I soon had her drinking my own juices and giving me an incredible orgasm. You can tell she's an established model, she worked my pussy like a miner digs coal, she ploughed in and made me buck to the pleasure waves like a ship lost at sea. An amazing model, and she will do well even without the help I can't give her. A true beauty of the porn realm, and I got to have her for free.

March 27, 2012
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