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Pretty Brunette Plays Softly With MILF's Pussy

Amirih (33 mins). Amirih and I had met briefly before, she had been in the industry but had had problems with her manager so quit for a while. Now she was back and looking for work, I had none to give but I was determined to get myself a piece of Amirih pie. She's a very pretty girl with a fantastic body and when I got her naked for photos and she was on all fours, looking back at me, with her pussy on display framed by her firm ass cheeks, I felt myself get wetter then a well diggers ass. She became slightly nervous but I could also see a glint in her eye that meant I would have no resistance from the suggestion of a hands on casting. I got some great shots in this video of her licking my pussy whilst hers stood proud in the air. She has a very talented mouth and soon had me squirming on the end of her talented digits as my orgasm pulsed through my body. I liked her so I decided to give her the best fuck of her young life and I introduced her to my best toy. She rode it like a cowboy and I brought her to an amazing climax in doggy position. Why are you still reading this actually, watch the video for an amazing casting and another notch for me on my casting couch.

March 26, 2012
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