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Sexy lesbian Christmas casting

Jenny (26 mins). The festive season is upon us and the cold nights and good cheer in the air always get me in a frisky mood. I had decorated the office with a tree and some ornaments, as I really do love Christmas time, and I was eagerly awaiting to meet the woman who was coming for a casting today. When she walked in my eyes drank in her slim figure and her pretty face, she was turning me on already like a set of Christmas tree lights. We began the interview and she answered my questions eagerly enough, even confessing to preferring sex with a woman then with a man. I knew this casting was about to get hot and heavy right there and then. I asked her to undress and she removed her clothes with ease, revealing a beautiful arse and some lovely pert breasts. I was dying to get my hands on her now, so I got her to sit on the couch and I simply asked her if I could test her right there and then. She agreed and we began to kiss slowly, our hands roaming over each others bodies. I wasted no time in getting my clothes off and I lay on my back as she finger fucked and licked moist pussy. She was incredible, but I wanted to take more control of the situation. So I got her on her back and I sat on her face. I rode her fingers and tongue to an amazing orgasm that left my whole body shaking. It was her turn now and I couldn't wait to taste her juices. She was very vocal, making loud moans of pleasure as soon as I slid my tongue into her. She tasted amazing and it wasn't long before she reached her own amazing orgasm at the end of my fingers as they danced inside her. Merry Christmas to you all, I know you're going to love this sexy Christmas casting video.

December 22, 2015
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