Punk Rocks Agent's Pussy With His Hard Fucking - Femaleagent

Punk Rocks Agent's Pussy With His Hard Fucking

Lucky (39 mins). Lucky certainly didn't live up to his name by fucking me for free with no chance of a job, but that's his problem. I had known Lucky for a few years and I knew he'd been in the business for a while so to get him to undress and fuck me I'd need to flatter him a bit. Nothing like an ego polished to make a man rise. I told him I had dreamed about him and that was why I had called him. I flattered him on his body and his looks and as soon as I knew he had a girlfriend I began to get turned on. I love fucking other women's boyfriends, it gets my juices flowing like a snowman in the sun. I the end he was as keen as a puppy to get my knickers off and devour my pussy. He had great stamina and we fucked in several positions, at one point he was fucking me so fast and hard I thought I'd pass out with pleasure. He was actually making me tired with his prowess. I made him cum on my ass and he shot his load all over my skin. A great casting, but he should change his nickname for 'Lucky' to 'Gullible', because of all the work I promised him that he swallowed eagerly and will never see.

July 10, 2012
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