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Shy Babe Gets An Ass Full of Dildo

Alyssia (42 mins). Alyssia was as green as summer grass when she arrived in my office. A wannabe fashion model with a gorgeous body, I decided to not beat around the bush with her and ask her straight out after mu usual spiel if she'd be interested in doing some lesbian porn. I just couldn't help it, after taking some pictures of her in her underwear, I had to see more and I was dying to lick her pussy. Turns out, after the sweet offer of lots of money, she was willing to give it a go, but was still as shy as and nervous as a rabbit. I offered to show her how to interact with another girl and from then on it was full on sexual heaven. She had never licked pussy before but she lapped away at mine like it tasted of ice cream. After some coaching she was soon using both her fingers and her tongue and my honey hole was juicing up nicely. My orgasm was amazing and I secretly wonder if she is as naive a she says she is. I then introduced her to her first ever dildo and she confessed halfway through fucking her with it that it was better then her boyfriend. I got her in her favorite position and fucked her to one of the best orgasms she's ever had. When we had finished and I told her to get dressed she complained she couldn't find her knickers. I told her not to worry, I knew where they were all along but I wanted them as a souvenir. So a nice naive girl who came to me a as girl and left as a woman. Great casting.

July 24, 2012
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