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Slim Brunette With Perfect Tits Makes MILF Pussy Wet

Silvie (37 mins). Silvie has an amazing body that could have quite easily tempted an eunuch. She was very reluctant to remove her clothes at first, even tho she'd being doing this line of work for 4 years, and wanted to get into the bikini modelling game. She definitely had the body for it and I could see I was going to have my work cut out to get that delicious looking body into my mouth and hands. After she reluctantly let me touch her boobs to prove to me they were real, I decided to get a little stern with her and told her the only way she would get work was if she satisfied me, or else she could leave. She took the bait and I was soon kissing her soft mouth. She was a great kisser and I could feel myself get turned on as we french kissed. I was soon mounted on her face, grinding down on her as she fucked me with her fingers and mouth. This girl has quite the talented tongue and I was soon cumming, my orgasm flowing from her tongue to my pussy as she fucked me good. It was then time to bring the toys out to play, I got some great POV footage from this girl as I got up close and personal and fucked with a toy before bringing her to orgasm with my fingers. She had a really tight pussy, it gripped my fingers and was soon clenching round them as she bucked and writhed. She seemed a little embarrassed afterwards and left quickly, with my false promises of jobs ringing in her ears. A delightful casting with some very horny footage.

August 14, 2012
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