Raphael - Femaleagent


Raphael (39 mins). Raphael is a sweet 18 year old who came for a modelling job and ended up on my website. He was as green as summer grass and quite inexperienced sexually. After I convinced him that I could get him nude modelling work as he was a foot short of a hobbit to get fashion work, we were soon getting down and dirty on the couch of cum. He needed constant coaching throughout the session as I don't think he has had that many partners, but hats off to him he did make it through to the end without spilling his seed too early. But his inexperience, due mainly to his young age, did show through, even the smacks to my ass that I got him too do were a bit weak, and felt half hearted. Maybe even a few years older and he could have been a sexual tyrannosaurus, but as it was he was more like a herbivore. Don't get me wrong, it's always nice to feel a young, good looking man's cock throbbing deeply inside me but I think it would have been a better session if he had a few more years experience. A nice casting, no knee trembling orgasms for me but I did manage an ankle trembler. Sex is always nice, even when it's not amazing. He was also very worried about the fact that the footage would end up on the internet. He had every right to be as well. Press play and watch Raphael get turned into a man and watch learn a few things about how to fuck a woman.

August 28, 2012
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