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Agent Gets Fucked By The Biggest Dick She's Ever Seen

Rico (42 mins). Rico is a French man and his cock is so big we are all figments of it's imagination. If all French men are as well endowed as him we need to open a fake female agent in France. Rico has done some porno in the past but still seemed nervous about the casting video and photos when I mentioned them to him. He swung round to the idea tho and as he lobbed his cock out of his jeans I thought he would have to use both his hands. It fell out of his jeans like a sea monster. I had to get a better look, even soft it looked like it belonged on a horse. I was soon trying to cram as much of it as I could down my throat, which wasn't much to be honest, so I decided we should get stuck into the fucking, as my pussy was aching to feel his French stick. When he entered me I could feel it tickling my tonsils. It filled and stretched my pussy out and took all my breath away as he plunged it into me. When he started working it in and out of my pussy I could feel every inch and the waves of pleasure began rolling over me. I had to try that cock in lots of positions to see which one I could get the most of it into me. A very nice cum shot also where he emptied his balls all over my tits. An amazing fuck with a French man with the girth of an oak tree. Sexy and awesome, I almost wish I could get his cock into the movies, breathtaking and orgasmic casting session. Watch it already.

October 16, 2012
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