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Gorgeous Brunette Blows Agent's Mind And Cameraman's Dick

Alice (40 mins). When Alice walked in I was first taken aback by her good looks and figure and then I had a feeling of deja vu, I was sure she looked familiar and I don't want to run across anyone I've previously cast here so I was a bit concerned. But then it was all made clear after she said her stage name was Alice Romain, sister to Sandra Romain who had been in the business several years. So, the game was afoot and she was ripe for the tasting. She was very easy going and had been working for 2 years in the business already. She had no questions for me and was fair game for anything when I explained about the casting video so I decided to see if I could get a double casting for all my lovely members out there. So I talked her into doing a casting with Jim at the same time and she agree. One phone call to Jim later, our clothes are off and we're kissing passionately. Such a beautiful girl who was truly made for lust. Halfway through her licking my pussy and fingering me, Jim arrived. We carried on regardless and soon he was behind Anne fingering her pussy from behind whilst she was licking my honey pot. I was soon orgasming and I couldn't hep but explain how good it was. This girl could fuck with her mouth. It was Jim's turn and whilst she sucked him off I went down on her and tasted her sweet, meaty lips as she gobbled as much of Jim as she could, gagging an spluttering around his thick cock. Then Jim let me go down on her again but I could sense him getting impatient so I moved aside so he could fuck her in the spoon position. However after only a few minutes she complained of having a sore pussy, this wildcat was so insatiable her boyfriend had fucked her so much her pussy was aching. So Jim had to settle for a blowjob, but fair play it wasn't a bad prize. This girl could suck an ice cube through a straw and she soon had Jim shooting his load everywhere, on her face, shoulders and in her hair. That man could launch astronauts into space. An amazing casting with a very sexy, beautiful girl. In hindsight I wish I'd kept her all to myself, but it would have been rude not to share with Jim.

November 30, 2012
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