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Sexy Agent And Her Cameraman Share Brunette's Pussy

Nikki (43 mins). Nikki is an incredibly sexy, cute and game for anything type of girl that is just perfect for one of my castings. She has an infectious smile and and amazing body, small pert tits and an amazing curvy ass that shakes and shudders with every manipulation. As soon as Jim brought her into my office I knew I wanted to delve deep into her orifices. She is new to the business and was pretty much up to try all the different genres in porn, even saying anal was a possibility. As I chatted to her my lust levels were rising as I imagined how delicious her body looked underneath those clothes. Anyway to cut a long casting short, she agreed to do a casting with both Jim and myself, so it wasn't long before I was feasting on her delicious pussy, licking and fingering her like she was the last woman on earth. Her soft moans got me dripping like a leaky tap and pretty soon I had her mouth attached to my pussy like a limpet to a rock. It seemed to be too much for my partner Jim also as he was soon fingering her from behind as she licked me out, and before I knew it, he had slipped his thick member into her. With every thrust he ground her mouth deeper into my pussy so it wasn't long before I was arching my back as an amazing orgasm shook me from head to toe. I decided to back off and let Jim have his fun and she was soon groaning like an overloaded pallet as he fucked her in doggy, then got her to show off her oral skills on Jimmy Junior, before she rode him cowgirl style and then he fucked her in missionary. I could tell Jim was struggling to contain his load, although the cheeky chap did try and get some anal in but she was not up for it today. He flipped her onto her stomach and was ploughing into her from behind when he pulled out and shot an impressive cumshot all over her ass and back. An amazing casting with an amazing girl, even Jim liked her more then the average girl as he complained they could only do one casting video but offered to meet her for some private sessions. If that happens, I am definitely filming it.

December 11, 2012
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