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Brunette Agent Tastes Asian Pussy And Watches Couple Fuck

Nicole (39 mins). Nicole and Marcus were 2 friends from Russia who automatically appealed to me as they seemed very nice people. More importantly they were very sexy nice people. Nicole was slim and with that sexy naughty Asian twinkle in her eye that I love (she even admitted she loved anal, wow). Marcus seemed to fancy himself as a comedian but he seemed pleasant enough. I know however there was only one person I was interested in getting my lips onto and that was Nicole. The interview was slightly awkward as we had to conduct the interview in English as they were Russian, but I had a giggle with them a few times through miscommunication. They were both desperate for work as it was illegal now to film porn in Russia so I knew I could get a good casting out of both of them for you, my lucky members. So they agreed to the casting and I asked Marcus to stand to one side whilst I delved into the beautiful Nicole. We began to kiss and my lust fever levels peaked and she soon had her head buried like an ostrich into my pussy and I could feel her delicate tongue explore my folds and pleasure centers. I then needed a taste of her myself and listening to her whimpering as I licked her sweet delicious pussy was all the satisfaction I needed for the day. I decided to see what the young stud was capable of and before I knew it she was feasting on his decent sized member and then he started to fuck her with a furious energy, I thought at one point his balls would disengage from his body and fly across the room such was his intensity. They were quite a good pairing and I played with myself off camera as they fucked like rabbits. She was soon orgasming and he was getting very kinky indeed, slapping her face and going for an almost choke hold. He fucked with such furious abandon that I almost missed the cum sot when he exploded across her face. An amazing casting with two young and energetic porn stars, it wouldn't surprise me if they made quite a big hit in the industry. Alas, no jobs coming from me tho.

December 21, 2012
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