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Sexy new agents hot first casting

Annie (29 mins). It was my first casting as a new agent and I was feeling nervous right up until the door knocked and this slim beauty walked in. I felt my confidence levels rise as my pulse quickened whilst my eyes drank in the slender figure on this young woman. She had come looking for modelling work and we began the interview with a series of questions. She was quick to agree to doing topless shoots but when I pushed further for for lesbian erotica, I hit a stumbling block. This gorgeous creature had a boyfriend back home and so she wasn't ready to commit to erotica until she had spoken to him first. This was not going to stop me getting this woman naked and on the end of my tongue. I asked to see her figure and she pulled off her clothes revealing a slim body with a tight ass and small pert tits. I approached her and asked if I could touch her and then I drew her into my arms for a kiss. She responded with passion but then stopped and said she couldn't do this. I knew she really wanted to do it, the look of lust was in her eyes, so I pushed her onto the couch and she was soon like putty in my hands. After some passionate kissing and exploring of each others bodies she confessed that she would definitely be willing to do lesbian shoots. I took her panties off and inserted some fingers into her, watching her eyes widen with pleasure. I made my way down and delved my tongue into her wet pussy. She tasted divine and her whole body shook with pleasure as I licked and finger fucked her to orgasm. It was my turn now and she soon had her pierced tongue running over my clit and dipping into my sticky pussy. She was amazing, a natural talent and I was soon on the receiving end of an amazing orgasm as she brought me to a climax with her mouth. What an amazing first casting, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

January 26, 2016
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