Johny - Femaleagent


Johny (39 mins). Johny was cute and got my clit peeping out of his hood the moment he sat down in my office. He was , like so many others, looking for money so he could start his own business. When I suggested porn he seemed hesitant as he had been with his girlfriend for 6 years and did not know what she would make of it. Now I had to have him, the thought of fucking another girls man under the pretence of future work had me flowing like a waterfall down in my panties. I pulled all my seduction tricks out of the bag and soon convinced him with a mixture of seduction and lies. I decided to use the POV cam a lot more again, I'm really enjoying the footage I capture with my casting victims and before even he knew what was happening I was wanking him off with my nylon covered feet. That was it, he was mine from the taking then, an erect penis has no conscience. I soon had him licking my pussy and before long I gave him control of the camera so he could fuck me and get my members some amazing POV footage. After tasting myself on his thick dick I mounted him in reverse cowgirl and rode him to a stunning and breathtaking orgasm before he pounded me in the spoon position. I wanted to see his cum shot and it wasn't long before he literally covered my stomach in sperm. I was so impressed and turned on by this individual that I made him quickly sign my fake contract , I almost believed I could get him work. An absolute pleasure of a casting that had me lusting for more.

April 19, 2013
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