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Shy Blonde Virgin Has Her First Lesbian Experience With Agent

Marketa (38 mins). Marketa is a delicious 20 year old who instantly pushed all my erotic buttons as soon as she entered the office. She is a 20 year old student, shy and a lesbian. I was onto a winner here. She had never even had sex with a boy in her life and I knew that I would kick myself if I didn't get to taste her succulent body. She was a visual feast and as I started day dreaming she mentioned her girlfriend. Now this was a barrier I'd have to overcome if I was going to cum. I started off with my prepared lines and eventually got her liking the idea of doing a solo video, so I asked to see her naked body. At this point she resisted saying she was embarrassed as my assistant cameraman was making her shy and awkward so I kicked him out of the room faster then a speeding bullet. Next thing she was naked and I was circling her like a sexual predator. I started to tell her about all the work I could get her if she'd do a casting video as I stroked her body but she kept throwing up the girlfriend excuse. After much persistence from me and the promise of lots of work she eventually agreed to the video and I wasted no time. I grabbed the camera and got some delicious POV shots of this stunning young blonde licking and lapping at my pussy like the lesbian that got the cream. I gave her orders and instructed her on how exactly how to please me and it wasn't long before I was curling my leg around her head as my body convulsed with one of the strongest orgasms yet. I think the idea I had corrupted her into cheating on her girlfriend got me more horny then ever before and I couldn't wait to taste her gorgeous looking pussy. I was soon sucking and finger fucking her tight pristine pussy, my fingers going where no cock had gone before and she was soon convulsing in ecstasy on the end of my talented digits. One of my personal favourite castings to date, I will always have fond memories of this ravishing sexual blonde. Enjoy.

April 26, 2013
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