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Ultra Fit Guy Gently Fucks Agent's Throbbing Pussy

Tonny (40 mins). Tonny was a very good looking guy with a nice body and a mischievous glint in his eye, hence I excused him for not knocking on my office door and just barging in. I went straight into the interview and offered full disclosure right at the beginning, explaining I could arrange a job in porn for him if he was interested. He seemed a little nervous about the whole idea but had no objection to stripping off and making his dick hard for me to see. Watching this young stud stroking himself to stiffness was beginning to make me wetter then a Welsh summer and I decided to push him for a casting. He was not sure at first saying he was afraid I'd post the video online, which of course I have, but I lied to him and set his fears to rest. Then before you knew it I was swallowing down several inches of his length into my tight, wet mouth. This casting was going really well right up to the fucking, and even though he was very awkward in his positions I did mange to glow twice, both orgasms rocking my body. I'd had my fill of pleasure of this young gent and I wanted to see his money shot all over my beautiful breasts. This is where it started to go wrong as he tried to produce his orgasm for me. Did he manage it or did I kick him out of my office in disappointment? Guess you'll have to watch it to find out.

May 31, 2013
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