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Agent Wants Tough Guy's Cum On Her Face

Martin (35 mins). Martin was quite a self assured guy who had come to my agency specifically for a job in porn. I thought I recognized him and following some online investigation I realized that he had done porn before for one our agency’s clients. Seeing as this guy was a veteran I thought it might be harder to pull the wool over his eyes so I decided on a different approach. I simply asked him if I turned the cameras off and sent my assistant outside would he fuck me. His immediate response was a definite yes. So I pretended to turn the cameras off and it was fucking time. Martin had a very nice body and I was eager to see what skills he had as an already established porn star. I must admit I tried to put him off his stride a few times, insinuating that he was gay, as he had in the past had sex with guys purely for money in films. And this caused him to go soft a few times, I was rather mean to him actually, even calling my assistant cameraman back into the room and getting his cock out at one point and tugging on it like I was pulling a pint. We fucked in a few positions and he licked my pussy as I sat on my desk which I thought was super horny but I couldn't quite achieve orgasm with him, as I was building up there would be some problem. In the end he couldn't take my tight wet pussy anymore and he sprayed my pussy with what seemed like a liter of semen. At this point I threw him out as he had failed to make me cum and I went after my cameraman instead. After a few objections it wasn't long before he was spraying his own seed everywhere after I wanked him off into my shoes. All in a very interesting and enjoyable casting, would have been made only better if I had got my own orgasm also.

June 4, 2013
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