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Rapper Sings As He Fucks Agent With His Massive Cock

Paco (45 mins). I was in rather a mischievous mood when Paco arrived in my office today and I was also desperate to get fucked good and hard by some victim or other. When Paco arrived I could feel myself juicing up as he strode in with a quiet confidence. Upon hearing that the main jobs I could offer were in the porn industry he had no problems in agreeing to do a casting.I decided to have some fun with him and upon discovering he was a rap artist I made him rap for me. I decided to continue playing with him and I soon had him wanking and rapping at the same time. Can these men not see how much of a fool I am making of them? But then again if I was staring at my tight ass I'd probably do anything to please also. I told him I needed to test him and I mounted the desk and got him to lick my pussy. At first he was like a dog drinking water but with some coaxing he soon had my juices flowing with every flick and dive of his tongue. I told him to fuck me on the desk, as he made me so horny with his tongue skills, and he slid his thick dick straight into my limpet tight, wet hole. I like to talk shit to my castings to see if they can keep their fucking skills up as I try and throw them off and this worked for Paco, he was soon beginning to get soft. I would tease him like this for most of the casting. I wanted to taste myself on his cock so I swallowed and massaged his cock like I hadn't eaten in days. Then he fucked me in missionary on the couch and as he pounded me with his cock and grabbed at my breast I had an very powerful orgasm that seemed to last forever. After some more pussy licking he fucked me in the doggy position but kept losing his erection and I wanted to see his money shot so I took him back in my mouth as time was running out. Not long after he shot his load all over my pussy, a very good casting who despite my teasing managed to make it to the end and give me an amazing orgasm. Great stuff.

June 7, 2013
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