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Guy Empties Balls All Over Agent's Pussy

Max (26 mins). Well what a week for repeat performances, not long after Lutro had arrived in my office for another casting session then another guy turns up claiming that our agency had promised him lots of work from a previous casting and we had never called him back. Whilst I had recognized Lutro, I did not recognize this guy Max, only after he had gone did I look him up and see that Celine had got to grips with him in a previous casting session. I quickly allayed his fears and said I had recently taken over the job role and that I knew nothing about his previous casting. It excited me to think that, like Lutro, we could dupe this guy twice with the promise of work that simply didn't exist. I started to turn him on seductively by bending over to pick up dropped items with my prominent pussy lips peeking out from under my short dress. It wasn't long before he was putty in my hands and suggested himself that I should test him for work ability. I was soon on all fours as he licked my wet pussy from behind. He had a very nice looking cock and I decided to lick it from tip to top next, and draw it deep into my throat. Now it was fucking time with both of us feeling incredibly horny by now. After a wanking him quickly with my feet, I then mounted him in cowgirl and he fucked me good and proper, pulling my ass cheeks apart as I ground down onto the hilt of his shaft. He fucked me in missionary next and it was all too much for the poor man, especially with my dirty talk, and he was soon emptying his balls all over my pussy lips and the couch itself. Some even got on my dress which is annoying, but a great cum shot. So another amazing casting with an incredibly good fuck session, shame I can't do anything with these men, but guess we fooled him twice also. Gullible fool.

June 21, 2013
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