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A Slim Dick Satisfies Thick Agent's Pussy

Chico (41 mins). Chico was a very pleasant man who strolled into my offices ready to take the world of porn by storm. He had always fancied himself as a bit of a stud and had decided after speaking with his girlfriend that he was ready to enter the world of porn as an actor. Once I explained to him that before I could get him any sort of a job I would need to see how he could perform sexually he was more then up for it, he had even complimented me on my looks when he had first arrived in my office, so I knew he fancied me and wouldn't take much convincing. I explained to him that my dedicated and horny cameraman assistant would capture the casting for us, so I could show my clients. And we were off. I made him get his dick hard first and soon he was wanking it in front of me making it nice and hard. I took him into my mouth and drew deep on him like I was taking a lungful of smoke. I wanted to see how his pussy licking skills were and I was very surprised to find that he had very good tongue control, his swirling skills were really getting me wet and turned on. It was time to test the potential stud out but he had almost made himself cum through all the excitement, but he assured me could carry on. He fucked me on the desk in my office, making everything shake and I came hard after a few minutes of furious pounding. Then he took me from behind and he was soon shooting his man muck all over my ass and nylon stockings. A very horny casting, but I made him leave straight away, he didn't really have the greatest stamina and I had noticed my cameraman playing with his cock earlier so I decided to pleasure myself with my favorite toy before jerking my cameraman off also. A great finish to a great casting.

June 25, 2013
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