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Guy Provides Hot Female Agent With His Hot Sticky Cum

Hugo (46 mins). What is it with young men today and their inability to perform. These are meant to be young, virile studs, at their peak of their sexual prowess, ready to fuck for days on end without a morsel of food or a sip of water. I wish I knew where these young stallions were. Take Hugo for example, nice guy, good looking chap, seemed quite confident, my pussy was ticking over as I watched him answer my questions. He seemed eager enough to get undressed and then I wanted him to get hard and that's where the whole casting started to unravel. Now I'm not being funny but I have a body that could turn gay men straight and I know there's pressure to perform in this industry, but with only myself, the cameramen and Hugo in the room you'd think he could raise at least a smile let alone his cock. He kept asking me to suck his cock but I refused, how much help does this guy want, I was masturbating in front of him, I could have turned a stone on I was looking that horny with my fingers in my pussy and my breast in the other hand. Finally after an age Hugo got a hard on and it was fucking time. I like it hard and fast and Hugo certainly got going when he finally got hard, but to be honest I had kind of lost interest by now, the guy had pissed me off a bit. I asked him for his cum shot and when he couldn't even produce that and went soft once again it was time to throw him out. Not the greatest casting, although I looked amazing as normal, but I didn't get my orgasm. Enjoy the video tho, I made him feel as small as his balls by the time he left.

July 30, 2013
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