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Agent Rubs Her Wet Pussy As Tough Guy Masturbates

Jack (27 mins). Jack was a very strange character indeed that I felt a little sorry for after listening to his life story. He seemed a very lonely, confused and unlucky guy, check the interview out to see what I mean. Anyway, essentially he came into my office looking for work as a porn actor. He said he was bisexual so thought that would double his chances of getting job offers. Unfortunately, Jack didn't quite do it for me sexually, so as horny as I was I decided I wasn't going to fuck him in this casting session. I did however intend to take care of myself and I do love to watch a man masturbate whilst watching me masturbate. I get a kick out of the power control aspect. So I told him to remove his clothes and to wank his dick hard and produce for me a cumshot. He was soon tugging on his mini me as I stroked my pussy lips. I had told him to cum quickly, but he surprised me by orgasming very quickly indeed before I could even get my own. I guess he found me unbelievably hot, I can't say I blame him, I am. So I asked if he could produce a second cumshot as I removed my clothes and finger fucked myself to a back arching orgasm that left me quite breathless. No one makes love to me like I do. I then tried to help him produce round number two by continuing to play with my body in different positions. Could this chap surprise me with a second cumshot to end the casting? Guess you should hit play to find out.

August 27, 2013
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