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Asian Cock Satisfies Agent's Throbbing Wet Pussy

Keni (25 mins). I think I'm in love. The last casting session with Kari was one of my favorite girl/girl castings to date and this is for sure my best boy/girl casting session to date. When Keni first came in I was instantly attracted to him, like a horny moth to a naked light bulb, I felt drawn to him. He had a quiet confidence to him which was alluring and made my pussy moisten with sexual dew. He explained that he was traveling around with friends and wanted to do some adult work as a ways of making some money. He had some experience in the business and I decided to have some fun as he told me things about himself. His confidence fell away and deserted him like the skin of the banana that I started to peel and suck on seductively. He stuttered like a bad motor engine as I sucked and caressed the banana like it was the thick cock I desired. I knew I had him at that point, like a fat crippled moth in my sexual web, he was mine for consuming. I rubbed and inserted the banana into my pussy lips before feeding it to him. As soon as he tasted my sexual desire he was consumed by passion and it was time to begin the casting. We started with him licking and finger fucking my tight pussy, before I got down on my knees and swallowed his cock into my quicksand mouth. He had a beautiful cock, thicker then Hercules arm and I couldn't wait to get it inside me. I got on my desk and he began to fuck me from behind. This was the beginning of my very own sexual odyssey with Keni. It was one of the best fucks of my young life. The guy had it all, stamina, passion, desire and an ability to make me feel like I was the center of his life as he fucked me in various positions. Needless to say I came several times and he ended with a beautiful cum shot on my pussy lips. I hadn't had enough however, and I threw my assistant out so I could enjoy some more of this delicious stud.

September 17, 2013
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