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Agent Makes Natural Blonde Cutie Soaking Wet

Zara (37 mins). Zara strode into the office and took my breath way, firstly with her natural beauty and gorgeous smile and then when I realized I was straining my neck up at her to see her. Now I'm not a very tall woman, but this girl almost certainly was, she didn't need heels but I was going to need a step ladder. Stunning, tall and with a voracious smile, there was no way I was letting this girl out of my office until I'd had my way. She came to the office as she wanted to do girl/girl pornography, she wasn't interested in boy/girl as she believed girl/girl porn was more sensitive and much more suited to her needs. I told her I would need to see her naked and she revealed her magnificent body to me and to my assistant. Perfect breasts and an nice round ass that screamed out to be eaten. I decided to have some fun with her and I got out my special toy. She had told me that she was very sensitive in her clit area and this proved out to be more then true when she provided me with some liquid gold. I had only had my vibrator pressed against her clit for a few moments when she actually peed as she was so sensitive. Now her pussy was wetter then a submarines number plate and I really went to town on her with the vibrator, with even my assistant getting in on the action, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her feet on his cock. She had soon had the orgasm of a life time and I wanted to see how well she could lick pussy, but it would have to wait for another time. Her orgasm had drained her of energy and she sweating like a nun in a candle shop. I would have to reschedule this beauty to see just how well she could reciprocate, but I was very happy at having the chance to get my hands on her fantastic body.

September 24, 2013
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