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Athletic Guy Takes Hot Blonde Agent For A Sex Ride

Chris (27 mins). Chris looks young, when he first walked in my immediate thought was that I was going to have to check this guys ID to see his date of birth. Turns out he's 21 years old, but looks about half that age. But once I'd seen his ID to confirm this it was game on. Chris wanted to try his hand and cock at porn as he had heard that the money involved was fantastic, although I tend to pay my models fuck all, but he wasn't to know that. I got him to get naked and he had the most amazing body, not an ounce of fat on him, he was more toned then Bruce Lee's fake tan. It was time to get this casting moving along and I told him I needed to test him. Straight away he showed his young ignorance, immediately trying to insert a finger into me with no concept of foreplay or lubrication. I chastised him and got him to lick my pussy. Again however, his inexperience shone through, he couldn't lick pussy to save his life. Time to see what he's like in the sex department. Now his true colors shone through, this young stud could fuck for days. With his athletic body and brilliant cardio, he fucked me hard and proper in a variety of positions much to my delight. He also produced a beautiful cumshot within 1 minute of me telling him to. All in all, an amazing casting with a very fit, young stud.

October 1, 2013
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