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Hot Agent Teaches Young Guy How To Fuck

Jacob (38 mins). Jacob was a handsome 19 year old who looked as though he had a great body underneath his clothes and I was determined to get in a position, preferably on top of him, to find out. He said he had come to the casting as he wanted to make money from doing porn scenes and we chatted a little about this and that. When he told me he's fucked almost 40 women and he was only 19 I thought this stud was going to rock my world. I mean you can't fuck 40 women and not learn some tricks and be good at your game. I explained that I was going to have to test him to see if he was able to fuck on camera, as there was a lead role going in a brand new movie that he would be perfect for. So it was crunch time and I asked him if he could remove his clothes. He revealed his body like an artist would reveal their work, inch by inch of muscled flesh creeped out from his shirt and into my life like a skin tsunami. His body looked like it had been Photoshopped and my knickers turned into a window cleaners rag. It was time to taste this handsome young man and I was on my knees quicker then a snake strikes, swallowing, licking and wanking his adequate cock into my damp, saliva ridden mouth. I love sucking cock and I could feel the tension in his body build as his balls contracted. Next it was turn and I got him to lick my delicious pussy whilst I lay on the desk and he finger fucked and sucked on my pussy extremely well. I took him over to the couch and straddled him in cowgirl. I fucked and rode his cock like a cowgirl on a bronco and I had soon had my first orgasm off the afternoon, it pulsated through more like sexual electric. I lay him on his back and again sat on top and ordered him to fuck me good and proper. Then, like quite a few of the young studs I've had on this couch, he started to disappoint me. His cock went softer then water, he was limp and could barely raise a smile let alone his penis. I tried masturbating in front of him but to no avail, gravity held his member in her firm grasp. I got him to leave and once more took myself in hand, no one makes me cum like I do.

November 1, 2013
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