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Agent's Pussy Gets Stunning Model's Face Wet

Eileen (31 mins). I love a woman with a husky voice, it just sounds so damn sexy, and when Eileen spoke she sounded like a landslide. Deep and husky was making my panties musky so it was time to get on with the interview. Eileen was a stunning woman who had the looks of a model and the voice of Pacino. She had done lesbian porn for about a year already so she knew her way around a womans body and enjoyed the experience, this one was definitely not gay for pay. After mentioning some of the figures she could earn with my agency it was time for her to reveal her body. As she peeled off her jeans she revealed a fabulous ass that made me start drooling, and her tits were sculpted by an artist. The girl looked photoshopped. I asked her to do a striptease for me and she really turned me on, before I knew it I was sucking on one of her breasts as my hand delved between her legs, touching her moistness. I decided to move us onto the sofa and soon I was licking her honey pot as writhed with pleasure, pulling on her own breasts as she groaned with ecstasy. It was my time to test her next and as I played with my clit we kissed passionately and she finger fucked my glistening hole. I was soon convulsing in her arms with pleasure and as I orgasmed I drew her close into me. After a kiss and a cuddle I sent her off to the shower with the futile promise of work, where we had a secret camera waiting, as a treat for you lucky members.

November 12, 2013
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