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Beautiful Blonde Comes In For Hot Lesbian Casting

Tracy (25 mins). Tracy is absolutely gorgeous and I think she may well be my favorite lesbian casting to date. This blonde with the million dollar body really pushed all of my horny buttons and wriggled and writhed her way into my desire senses. She had shot lots of lesbian movies before and I knew I had to have this tasty piece of delectable ass on my couch and entwined in my arms. She said she had come along as she wanted to join the agency as she had heard we were good. During the interview she mentioned she had a tight pussy so she couldn't do any fisting scenes, when I asked her how tight she offered for me to try her and see for myself. Oh my God, my panties went instantly damp like a dam had broke inside my vagina wall. I knew she was sexually attracted to me from this moment on and I had to try her out now, so I offered her a proposal. If she could do a striptease for me and show me how she could pleasure herself then as a reward I would allow her to lick my beautiful damp pussy. She leapt at the chance and what followed was a very intense sexual experience for both of us. After an amazingly erotic striptease which revealed her amazingly sexy body, I asked her to show me how she pleasures herself, and she had no qualms in delving her hands between her legs and bringing herself to an amazing orgasm. So, it was time for her reward. I held the camera and got amazing footage as her searching tongue dipped deep between my labia folds and produced an electrifying orgasm out of myself. I couldn't let her go without tasting her sweet nectar so I got her to lay down and I sucked and finger fucked her to a toe curling orgasm of her own. A breathtaking casting with an extraordinarily sexy woman, enjoy.

December 13, 2013
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