Agent Gets Her Pussy Filled With Cock And Goes Out With A Bang - Femaleagent

Agent Gets Her Pussy Filled With Cock And Goes Out With A Bang

Marek (27 mins). Hi everyone, Zuzanna here, as you no doubt know by now after the last update and that fabulous goodbye session Gina and I had together, it is true that I am quitting as a Female Agent. My husband saw some videos he was never meant to and issued me an ultimatum, so this, therefore, will be my last ever casting which I shot a few weeks ago. So, let's take a look at it. Marek was a stunning looking guy with a body that had my clit throbbing within seconds, but he also came across as very arrogant and a bit of a know it all. He bragged of having a 20 cm penis so I got him to take it out and show it to me. Well, I don't think it was 20 cms but it was a decent size and if he knew how to use it would satisfy me well. I told him I needed to test him, he had done plenty of scenes before, but did not seem surprised by my request. I told him I needed to see how well he could lick my pussy, so he got on his knees as I pretended to fill in a form. I must say that looks clearly aren't everything, the guy was useless at licking my sweet hole, even with his mouth full of myself he still came across as arrogant. I decided to see if his fucking was any better and I bent over the desk and let him enter me from behind. Maybe it was his attitude, but I just couldn't get into it with this stud, his fucking style came across as boring and predictable and I couldn't help but try stifling a few yawns. We tried the doggy position which worked better, and then he fucked me in the spoon position. This was much better and I was getting into it, but I didn't want to show him how pleasurable it was. It was time to see his money shot and that's where we hit another problem. He just couldn't seem to bring himself to climax, he was tugging on it so hard I was sure he was going to pull it off. I got on with some work until he finally got to the point of no return and then he shot a big load of sperm all over my pert tits and office floor. A good casting with an arrogant man, it was a pleasure to see him leave my office. That leaves me with just this last task of wishing all you members and fans happiness, good health and fabulous sex lives. Keep fucking and think of me often, it's been a real blast being one of your female agents. Love and kisses.

January 10, 2014
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