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Nervous Brunette Relaxes Around Agent's Wet Pussy

Chelsy (30 mins). Chelsy was quite a shy and nervous when she first arrived at my office, and as with most of these young babes, money was a major motivator as being the reason she wanted to work in the erotic industry. At first she wanted to do photos only but I was determined to get this girl on film and fucked. She had no experience and had only been with two men in her life so I had an inkling that this was a very submissive girl that I could have some filthy fun with. By simply mentioning lots of money she had soon agreed to do a casting video and was soon naked sitting next to me on the couch. I asked her to masturbate for me at first, she had a very skinny body but there was something sexy, fun and mischievous about her face and smile. She'd never been with another woman either but I soon opened her eyes and her mouth as I pressed her hands all over my body before taking the reigns and fucking her properly with the dildo. She was loving it and my dominant side soon took control. Within a few short minutes she was lapping at my pussy clumsily whilst my assistant cameraman fucked her with the dildo from behind.. My juices were all fired up but she just wasn't talented enough to make me cum, so I sat her up and decided to give her an orgasm to remember. She was soon whimpering as I fucked her hard with the dildo whilst choking her and slapping her on the face lightly. She loved it and came to a whimpering, loud orgasm that made me extremely jealous and horny at the same time. I had to satisfy myself and my dominant side was flowing strongly so I threw her out and then got my assistant cameraman to talk dirty to me whilst I fingered my ass and pussy and brought myself to a earth shattering orgasm. Not a bad morning, I have to be honest.

February 7, 2014
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