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Young Stud Cheats On Girlfriend To Stick His Dick In Agent's Pussy

Jacob (38 mins). Jacob is a fine strapping young 20 year old who was after experience in the erotic industry and wanted to make some money at the same time. I could tell when he first entered the office that he had a good body on him hidden under his clothes and I do so love the taste of young cock in my mouth, so delicious. He had a 20 year old girlfriend who didn't know that he was attending a casting, which just made it more naughtier for me and I was determined to sample this young mans wares. After the initial interview he had no problems with stripping down to his birthday suit and I got the tape out to measure his cock. I told him to make himself hard and he seemed to struggle with it at first,. The cameras unnerved him and his inexperience shone through. He asked for help and a woman playing with her own pussy turned him on so that's what I did. He almost made it perpendicular, but in the end I had to lend a helping mouth. When he finally did get hard he fucked me with wild abandon on my desk, pounding into me like a hammer on an a anvil, then he fucked me in doggy with the same enthusiasm, tho he did keep slipping out now and again. I decided to ride him cowgirl and we hit the soft cock problem again. After some coaxing we were back in business and I rode his cock until, once again, his cock wilted like a dying flower. It was time for a cumshot anyway, so he tried wanking himself hard again, I even sucked him some more and I thought we were getting somewhere. I wanted him to cum on my glasses, did he make it or did I tear up his application and throw him out for wasting my time? Press play to find out.

February 21, 2014
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