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Female Agent Gets A Steamy Dick From A Hot Young Stud

Kamil (32 mins). Kamil looked familiar when he sauntered into the office, I think he had been to a casting with one of the earlier female agents but I wasn't sure. When I did some research later it turns out he had, but he didn't mention to me anything about it, merely commented that he had been to another casting before and had shot something there. Kamil is a very funny and quirky guy who never seems to shut up and he also seemed to be in a rush to get the casting over and done with. Once we started my assistant complained that he was feeling ill with a bad stomach so it soon became apparent that he would spend most of the casting in the toilet. Kamil was still eager to get on with the casting and he seemed very horny, with no qualms about having sex with me for a casting video. This guy loves sex more then anyone I have ever met before, he seems to just exist purely to be constantly sticking his dick into a woman. I decided to play the shy agent who doesn't normally have sex with the applicants, I also put a spin on it that my assistant couldn't catch us as I didn't normally do this sort of thing. I get a kick out of role paying and it seemed to turn Kamil on even more. To cut a long story short he was soon licking my pussy before I lay back on the desk and he fucked me as I held the camera and filmed some great POV shots. I let Kamil take over the role of cameraman then and he filmed us as he fucked me bent over the desk doggystyle. Kamil still wouldn't shut up throughout the session and wanted to cum on my tits. After much pestering I allowed him and he shot a thick wad of cum all over my beautiful tits, but somehow managing to get some on my clothes when I still had more interviews to go. Men can't aim for shit with their dicks, fact!

February 25, 2014
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