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Athletic Beauty Showers And Masturbates For Hot Agent's Pleasure

Debora (30 mins). Debora came to the office looking for a job as a receptionist, she'd obviously misread the advert but now she was here I wanted to offer her some other form of job that didn't really exist either. She was very quiet at first and she seemed a bit miserable, I think she must have split with her boyfriend recently as she didn't seem care about anything, she needed money and she needed a job and she didn't seem to mind what she had to do to get either. So this was going to be an easy casting I thought. Then I learned she was into her body building so I asked her to reveal all so we could see her body. She revealed a very nice body and she had great muscle definition, but girls with muscles don't really do a lot for me. Whilst I decided what kind of casting I was going to do with her I sent her to the shower as she said she had traveled far and I wanted her to freshen up. When she came back in I decided to let her do a solo piece for me to see if she could turn me on so I could do a lesbian casting with her. I made her do two orgasms with my vibrating toy, and she looked very beautiful as she brought herself off, first time I had seen her pleased since she entered my office and in between orgasms she confessed to thinking about me whilst she wanked. But, I just wasn't feeling it with her today and so I sent her on her way. Not to miss out on anything though, and just for you dear members, I clambered onto my desk and began to touch myself. No one can please me like I can please myself and I was soon rushing towards an amazing climax as I rubbed and fingered myself to heaven and back. That just made me even more horny, I can't wait to see who will come through my office door next.

March 21, 2014
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