Aiko - Femaleagent


Aiko (29 mins). Aiko is a lovely name that befits a lovely girl, she has one of the nicest personalities I've come across in a while and she was very polite and shy in a very cute way. She wanted modelling work and hadn't really thought about doing erotic shoots before I mentioned it to her. Her main worry with not doing a erotic shoot was that as she has never kissed another girl be fore or been with one, she thought she might make too many mistakes and mess up the job. So I allayed her fears by saying she could practice right now with me for free and we could see if she was up for the jobs I had in mind for her. As do so many things, we started with a kiss and were soon locked in a passionate embrace. As you can imagine, it wasn't long then before I had her naked in my arms and I rubbed and licked her beautiful pussy till she was arching her back as she climaxed hard. Her orgasm hit her like a sledge hammer and made me instantly horny. I had to have this girl return the favor and like the good girl I knew she was she was soon lapping away at my pussy and finger fucking me to an amazing orgasm. Now came the awkward part as I have to throw them out of my office but I was saved by the bell, well the phone actually, and she was off the couch and in the corridor in no time. A delightful casting with a gorgeous girl which I'm sure you'll all enjoy.

March 28, 2014
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