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Blonde Agent Helps Athletic Couple Orgasm

Kettie (36 mins). Kettie and her boyfriend Max came into the office looking for work as a couple and both confessed soon enough to be professionals in the business who had done some years of shooting. I recognized both of them, they had both been victims of earlier agents but as individuals. But I'm a new agent in a new agency and they didn't mention it or make the connection so I didn't bother bringing it up either. Anyway, Max is a handsome man with an athletic body and Kettie has a beautiful ass and great tits with a slender fuckable body. I had to get these two to involve me in a casting video. When I mentioned they would have to do a casting for free in order to get work they weren't too keen at first, but after I mentioned that they could just leave then as I had plenty of other candidates, they quickly agreed. They started by kissing each other passionately, but this was a casting video not a sex session at home, so I told them to step it up a pace. He was soon licking her pussy as she gripped his head tightly moaning with pleasure, then she had him in her mouth, polishing his cock with her tongue. For a professional he was having a hard time getting hard so I took over and showed Kettie how a professional MILF does it. I got him hard easily with my deft oral skills and then I told her to sit on his dick. As I watched him drive his cock up and inside her in cowgirl, I was definitely starting to get turned on and I wanted some of that thick meat inside of me. He started powering into her and I told them to slow it down as I needed to try his cock also, as part of the casting. What followed next was some amazing sex as he took it in turns fucking us both in a variety of positions. His girlfriend had a beautiful orgasm and I loved the feel of his dick stretching me out. Then he finished with a cumshot straight into his girlfriends mouth. Talk about a great threesome, I will see if I can get more couples to come audition for me.

April 15, 2014
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