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Nervous Boyfriend Watches As Hot Blonde Agent Makes His Girlfriend Cum

Vera (33 mins). Vera and Thomas were a very cute and good looking couple who had come a long way for a casting after seeing our advertisement in a newspaper. Even with their clothes on I could see they both had fantastic bodies and with the strength of youth in their corner they were sure to be a pair of fucking machines. It was my job to find out and so the interview began. They were there primarily for glamor work and when I mentioned soft erotica work they both said they were jealous of each other being with anyone else, but it was alright for Vera to be with another woman. She said she was bisexual so I decided to test that theory and got on the couch next to her before kissing her passionately whilst her boyfriend sat there with his mouth open like yawning donkey. I broke away from her lips regretfully and asked them what were their thoughts were about doing hardcore porn scenes. They weren't keen at first but when I pointed out they had the perfect opportunity to try it now on camera and I promised them lots of work. They finally agreed and they began to kiss passionately. I had no time for kissing though and I asked them to step it up a notch and in a flash his cock was in her mouth as she sucked him expertly. This casting was going extremely well and my own knickers were moist with sexual dew. I asked them to take it up another notch again and she was soon fucking him in the cowgirl position. The moans they both made as they fucked beautifully were driving me insane. Sensing that I would have no luck with the boyfriend today as she was the jealous type I decided to have some fun with her instead and I interrupted them so I could stick my dildo deep inside her tight pussy as I licked her clit. Her boyfriend was wanking furiously as I fucked his girlfriend to a powerful and vocal orgasm. She was flushed afterwards and her boyfriend was ready to explode so I told him to fuck her in doggy and cum on her ass or her back. He didn't take long and when he shot his cum all over her back his cock turned into a broken fire hydrant. It sprayed everywhere like he'd been saving it up for weeks, literally he was like a human hosepipe. Great stuff. An amazing casting with a gorgeous couple.

April 22, 2014
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