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Blonde Agent Fingerbangs Sexy Brunette Before Athletic Coupel Fucks

Kitty (32 mins). As soon as this couple walked into my office I instantly recognized the guy, he had definitely been on a casting before with one of our earlier agents when we first started doing this. He clearly did not realize it was the same agency and had never seen me before. It was time for me to have some fun. His wife was an absolutely stunning woman with an athletic body and a pretty face which I could kiss for hours. I decided to stick a big spoon in this melting pot as I told the guy he had been here before to do a casting with a colleague of mine. His face fell as the penny dropped and then I showed his wife the video he had done for us, she seemed quite shocked he had never told her about it, but I think she also got a little turned on by it. He was quite flustered after this and when I suggested he shoot a scene here with his wife he excused himself and disappeared into the toilet. This was fine by me, he was obviously scared of what his wife would say about his past antics but this left me alone with this stunning woman and it was time for me to work my magic. I slipped sensually over to her and told her I needed to see her body. As I pretended to show her how a lesbian casting went I could tell she was getting turned on and before you could blink I was licking and fingering her delicious pussy as she came all over my couch. Then the husband returned and was surprised to see her naked, she was so turned on by now there was no stopping her and she encouraged him to do the casting audition there and then. These two fucked beautifully, needing no direction, changing positions so fast the cameraman had trouble keeping up with them and I loved watching them as they fucked, consumed with pleasure. I needed a cumshot as I had another couple attending today and after some furious pounding in the missionary position he pulled out just in time and shot his husband glue all over his wife's flat amazing stomach. A brilliant casting, I had a lot of fun this afternoon.

April 25, 2014
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