Virgin Can't Get His Dick Hard So Blonde Agent Fucks His Cute Friend - Femaleagent

Virgin Can't Get His Dick Hard So Blonde Agent Fucks His Cute Friend

Leony (39 mins). As soon as this couple walked in I thought it was an odd pairing. Martin seemed very quiet and tensed up whilst his friend Leony was very relaxed, the reason for their difference in body language soon became apparent. Leony was an experienced adult worker who had been in quite a few adult productions over the years and Martin was an extreme virgin, he'd never been kissed, fucked or touched by a woman, but was an avid masturbator. So how the hell did these two end up in my office together you may be asking yourself? Well Martin is an IT technician and Leony's laptop had died and whilst fixing it he recognized her from some of her videos. Instead of a hefty bill to pay Leony offered him a casting opportunity with her at my agency. Wow, you couldn't make this stuff up. So after that was established I asked the rather awkward gentleman to start wanking for me as I needed to see his cock get hard. I couldn't help giggling at Martin, it was his whole demeanor, why has a virgin come to an adult erotic casting? Although I did also feel sorry for him and was more then willing, if I could, to pop his cherry here on camera. I asked Leony to help him out and even with her skilfully sucking on his cock he couldn't quite get hard. He said lesbians turned him on, so this was my way in with Leony. She was such a gorgeous sexual creature, I really wanted to get my hands on her, so we started to put a show on for him. This did the trick and he sort of got hard, so I told them to start fucking quickly before his erection disappeared. Unfortunately it wilted like a flower in winter and it was time to send him out of the room. I felt sorry for him but I did not have all day and my pussy was aching for a need only Leony could give me. She seemed more then happy to make it up to me for bringing Martin along and we were soon licking, sucking and fucking each other to some amazing orgasms. Another great casting, I love my job.

April 29, 2014
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