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Hot Young Student Has First Time Lesbian Experience With Agent

Rebecca (34 mins). I love a girl with blue eyes, I don't know why but staring deep into the ocean blue eyes of an attractive woman really gets my pussy purring. Rebecca had come to my office today in response to an advertisement she saw online and wanted to do underwear modelling. Of course I wanted her naked and on my couch wrapped up in my arms and so the seduction began. I got her to pose in her underwear and then casually mentioned there was more money in nude pictures and from there it was a simple task of sitting next to her on the sofa, stroking her belly with my fingernail and promising her lots of work but only if she made love to me first. She had never made love to another woman before and I told her to relax and enjoy the ride. She responded softly to my kisses and she had these amazing puffy nipples that felt amazing in my mouth as I sucked on them and licked around their tips. He breathing was becoming ragged and I knew I was turning her on so I tasted her pussy delicately before finger fucking her to an amazing orgasm right there on the couch. Now I was all fired up and ready to fuck, and it was her turn to make me cum. I lay her down and straddled her face as she licked and lapped at my pussy in search of my orgasm nectar. For someone with no experience she licked me brilliantly and I had an amazing climax, only slightly spoiled by a sharp knock on the door just after I climaxed. It was my next casting interview, and I was stoked and ready for more. I ushered her out with a hint of regret, she was fantastic, gorgeous and will stay in my mind for many months to come. A very sexy casting indeed.

May 6, 2014
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