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Alexis (30 mins). I'm really enjoying this latest crop of couples that are responding to our various advertisements and I've had different reactions from all of them when confronted with doing a sexual casting video. Alexis and Marc were a cute couple, he was English and she was Czech and they met in a bar here in prague. A strange relationship as he spoke no Czech and she spoke limited English, I guess the language of lust was all they needed to be together. She was a very sexy looking girl with a mischievous glint in her eye, and he was a handsome guy who made my knickers twitch from the moment he sat down. Alexis had some experience in the industry but Marc was as green as summer grass, but they both wanted to work together and separately shooting hardcore porn scenes. I decided to push my luck and whilst sitting on her boyfriends lap, squeezing his big cock through his jeans, I asked Alexis if she was the jealous type. To my surprise, she really wasn't. She said she enjoyed watching and I knew then we were all in for a sexual treat. I said we'd have to test him as he had never done anything like it before and she agreed. We were both soon taking it in turns swallowing his big cock and kneading his balls. Then I got her to fuck him riding him in the cowgirl position. As his cock glided in and out of her tight wet hole, I tongued her pussy lips and his shaft causing both of them to groan with desire. I needed to try this awesome cock out myself and I was soon mounted on it myself, riding up and down with the sure experience of a MILF on familiar ground. He fucked us both in some more positions, this was proper threesome stuff, no one was left out as we sampled each other. I have to say that her boyfriend was better at this then most seasoned porn stars I have met, he held on for a long time in a very sexually charged casting. But it was when I rode him once more, grinding on his shaft like I was drilling for white gold, that he could hold out no longer. His girlfriend whipped him out of my pussy and let him explode in her mouth with a big load. He was done so I sent him off to the showers, but I wasn't quite done with her yet. She hadn't had an orgasm yet and I wasn't letting her leave without one, so I lay her down on the couch and went to work on her pussy. An amazing casting with an amazing couple who really made my day.

May 30, 2014
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