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Pale Redhead Dives Down For Agent Pussy

Amarna (41 mins). I know I said I was no longer a female agent but to help out my old boss I have returned, and I have to be honest with you, I really did miss every aspect of this job. I've missed the passion, the orgasms and the influx of gorgeous men and women that I could devour on a weekly basis as a fake female agent. Who knows, maybe I can return, we'll wait and see. What a comeback it was for me as well, with a delicious redhead with pale skin, puffy nipples and and an incredibly slim pale body that had my pussy get wetter then a divers glove. She had no intention of having sex on film when she first arrived, she was worried of her parents finding out and so was intent on just fashion modelling or advertisements. After finding out she was bisexual and had been sex starved for the last 2 months, I knew I could persuade this pale beauty to get naked and in my arms. I told her about how we also catered for private clients where she would just go along for a weekend and be paid for sex with other beautiful women. She was keen to try and so the casting was on. The fact she hadn't made love to a woman for 2 months was a big help in her decision making process. She was soon naked on the couch and I ran my fingernails lightly over her body, making her nipples stand to attention and a flush of color to rise to her cheeks. We were soon kissing and I laid her back and tested her delicious looking bald pussy. We were locked in a passionate embrace and I decided I wanted full access to her delicious tight hole so I asked her to sit on my face. I love it when I get a womans pussy poised above my face and I began to lick and probe with my tongue as I had unrestricted access to this delicious honey pot. Her breathing got harder and she rubbed her clit until a fantastic orgasm broke out all over her body. I was dying for my own pleasure now and I got her to lick and suck my pussy. She was a talented woman and I was soon arching my back and curling my toes as my orgasm exploded in my stomach and spread to every nerve ending in my body. A beautiful lesbian casting with a gorgeous woman, I have really missed my old job.

June 3, 2014
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