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Blonde Agent Has Some Sensual Fun With Cute Brunette

Lola (37 mins). When Lola first strolled into the office I thought I recognized her, she looked exactly like an old friend of mine that I had fancied for years but never plucked up the courage to do anything about. So the fact I could get to have some fun with a lookalike of hers was too good an opportunity to pass up. This sexy woman was not leaving my office until I had tasted every inch of her body. I have to admit though, as determined as I was, she was a tough nut to crack. She wasn't really interested in erotic naked scenes, not interested until I started talking money that is. As soon as I pushed a few figures out there of what she could earn, she was more then eager to shed her clothes like an unwanted skin. I helped her try out a few poses in her underwear but then slowly started my seduction attack. Mentioning her nipples would look better hard I began to caress and stroke her body, she began to relax visibly and her breathing became harried. She was fighting desire and curiosity to be with a woman for the first time, and she was losing this battle. We were soon kissing softly and when she asked me what we were doing, I replied that I knew a way she could earn easy money for herself. For a first time lesbian experience it was magnificent for her. I licked, sucked and probed her delicious tasting pussy until her orgasm shook her body from tip to toe. It was her turn to show me what she'd learned, she agreed and began to feast on me with desire. After a little coaching she turned out to be natural at this, my orgasm was intense and beautiful, spreading out slowly all over my body. A beautiful casting with a very naturally gorgeous woman.

June 10, 2014
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