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Hot Blonde Cheats On Boyfriend With First Lesbian Experience

Katy (41 mins). This slim sexy blonde had come to the wrong casting, she had come to audition for a part as an extra on a television program. The result was that she then wanted to know what kind of work I could offer her. I really liked the look of this beautiful woman, she was pushing all of my sexual switches, but I sensed that she might be a tough one to crack. I started off gently telling her of the glamor work that was available and then pulled the big guns, mentioning hardcore erotica. Needless to say she was a little shocked and adamantly stated that she could not possibly work with boys or girls as her boyfriend would kill her. This just made me more determined to get my tongue deep inside her pussy. I started to explain about solo work and I waved some figures in the air and I could see her gaining interest. Her next main concern was she had never done a solo scene before so didn't know quite what to do. Not a problem, I had my knickers off in a flash and a dildo up my pussy before she could blink. I explained what it was like and what would happen and she agreed to try. She started off nervously and awkwardly, but as she began to turn herself on, I saw no objection to helping her out and received none. She was loving my touch. After licking her juicy, ripe for tasting pussy, I got my toy out and fucked her to orgasm heaven with it. Sensing I had pushed my luck as far as I could here, I didn't really expect her to reciprocate, so I told her to get changed and hit the showers.I was deliciously horny however after licking and fucking this blonde beauty, so I took the toy and began to masturbate. Nobody can fuck me like I can and I had the most amazing orgasm on the couch, making me shudder with joy. A great casting, just a shame I couldn’t have felt her tongue exploring my own slick hole.

June 27, 2014
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