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Exotic Lesbian Casting

Isabella (31 mins). Angel is my name, but sinning is my game, as I become the latest lucky fake female agent to cum on your screens. As you'll soon see I have a penchant for pussy and I'm a curvy big bosomed sex machine that loves to lick the slick tight wet holes of lucky ladies. So, as you can imagine, this role was made for me. When the knock came on my office door I was ready and prepped, having taken advice from some of the other female agents I was more then prepared. Then the absolutely drop dread gorgeous Isabella walked in and I almost forgot everything in an instant. She was beautiful, what a lucky agent I am. We talked about modelling, I took my pointers from my notes and I kept trying to swing the topic to erotic modelling, but she was quite adamant that she wanted to stick to classic modelling. My assistant and I got her down to her underwear so we could see her body, and then it was time for me to strike. I told her that if she made a sex tape with me for my private collection, I could and would help her secure an amazing job. She asked for guarantees and I gave them, licking my lips with anticipation. We settled on the couch and I released my big, busty, pierced nipples free from their confines. The next few minutes were spent lost in lust as we licked, stroked, probed and sucked each other all over. My orgasm was amazing, this was one talented woman, her own was quieter but very intense. I'm getting wet just typing this as I reminisce. Time for me to go and for you to enjoy the show. See you all next time.

August 1, 2014
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