Richard - Femaleagent


Richard (33 mins). Richard was a very confident guy for some one who had such small stature, but there was something that I liked about him straight away. He was originally German but had moved to Prague to study and had done a little bit of fashion modelling previously in the past. He seemed so confident that I asked him straight away about doing soft erotica and then moved swiftly onto the topic of hardcore porn. He seemed perfectly at ease dong both, he even asked me if I had done any modelling and I saw this as my way in. I told him that I was just an office girl, but if I could try a casting video with him then my clients might start to offer me more work and I could try my hand at adult modelling too. He quickly agreed and we were soon passionately locked in an embrace on the couch. I removed his shorts and his cock was already hard. Not a bad sized cock, not the biggest but it would do the job for this horny agent this afternoon. I mounted him in cowgirl and to be fair, the beginning of the casting was a bit of a start and stop affair as I just couldn't seem to get my angles right. Once I did however it was game on, and we fucked in several classic positions. My orgasm was quiet , this was definitely more of a passionate casting then a wild fuck session, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless. It was time to see his cumshot, after drawing him deep into my mouth I was soon wanking him onto my tongue where he took me by surprise when he erupted. What a cumshot it was, this guy can't have had sex for months, it shot out and kept on erupting, like a dormant volcano that had finally had enough. White lava kept flowing out of his bell end and my hands and his shaft were soon covered in his population pudding. A very enjoyable casting with a very nice guy. I'll be looking for a more wilder fuck next time though.

August 5, 2014
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