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Hot Couple Tries Something New

Cheryl (45 mins). When this extremely attractive couple walked into my office I thought I'd hit jackpot. Both of them were good looking with great bodies and nice personalities and were desperate for money, everything I like on a casting. When I talked about modelling and doing porn they seemed a little hesitant at first, it seemed like it would all come down to the woman's decision, as it so often does. When she decided they could try it, I told them I would need to see how well they could perform before offering them any jobs. This is the moment my sexual satisfaction hinges on, and when they agreed my pussy sighed with relief. They started undressing and touching each other, then she took him gently in her mouth and began to suck his cock beautifully. They went straight into doggy style from here, but they seemed a little stiff and awkward and an interruption from my late cameraman didn't seem to help their nerves much. When he lost his erection I stepped in and offered my professional skills to help out. After my oral skills got him standing perpendicular, she mounted him in cowgirl and rode her way to a very beautiful orgasm. I needed my fill of his cock now and I asked her if I could borrow her boyfriend. She seemed a bit reluctant but I was cock famished and needed my fill of meat. He fucked me from behind amazingly, I think I was turning him on much more then his girlfriend, and shortly after he shot a thick wad of infidelity spunk all over my pert ass cheek. A great casting with a great couple, although she seemed very pissed off towards the end when I fucked her boyfriend. My only regret with this casting is I didn't get to fuck her as well.

August 8, 2014
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