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Law Student's First Lesbian Sex

Lussila (34 mins). This incredibly sweet and pretty young woman swept into my office and made my first day as a new female agent an absolute joy. She was gorgeous and single, very pretty and had a body that just cried out for attention. After some initial digging with some questions, I asked to see her body in her underwear and she agreed. When I took her bra off and started squeezing her breasts she began to think maybe there was more to this casting then meets the eye. I decided to just simply come clean and explain to her that if she wanted well paid work, then the only way she was going to get it was to satisfy and pleasure me. She was worried that she had never been with another woman before, but I told her I'd teach her everything she needed to know. With the promise of work accepted, I moved in for a passionate kiss, before leading her over to the couch. After a swift promise from me that I would turn the cameras off, I began to indulge in this beautiful woman. I love the female form and hers was delicious, a real feast for the eyes. For a woman with no experience, I soon awoke her passionate side, and she kissed, licked and probed me with an eager tongue and digits. After some amazing foreplay, I flipped her onto all fours and began to really lick and finger fuck her pussy from behind. As my rhythm built, so did her orgasm and she exploded like a firework, grinding her beautiful ass into my face. It was my turn now, and she once again showed remarkable skill at sucking my swollen pussy lips. I brought along a toy for myself and she fucked me expertly with it, until my orgasm almost blew my mind. I was stunned for a few moments after this young beauty had blown my world open with her amazing talent and body. I love my new job.

August 19, 2014
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