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Model's First Lesbian Experience

Charlotta ( 36 mins). What a delight it was having the lovely Charlotta in my office this afternoon, a tall, slim woman, with a nice natural pair of breasts and an ass that you couldn't help yourselves but watch if it went past twerking down the street. A beautiful vision indeed, and an already established model who was looking for more work. I wanted to taste this girl and with a mischievous mood in place, I began my questions. I soon established that she had done nothing like I was asking her to do, but with the promise of more money and assurances anything she did would not be seen by anyone, she had soon agreed to do a casting video with me. We began softly touching and kissing on the couch, as I worked my mouth down her beautiful body towards her damp pussy. She tasted divine and I wanted to get into a better position so we could really enjoy ourselves. I wanted to have some fun so I let her take the camera and she captured some beautiful moments as she had her first ever licking off a woman. This soon culminated in her having an amazing orgasm as her body was consumed with pleasure. Now it was my turn, I took the camera and she went down on me, licking and sucking, fingers thrusting until I could take it no more and my orgasm exploded outwards like a firework. A beautiful woman who lost her lesbian virginity with me today. A great day to be a female agent.

August 22, 2014
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