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Sporty Stud Puts in Work

Luke (33 mins). I was sitting wondering who I would have in a casting interview when this hunk of a man walks in and makes my panties flood with desire almost instantly. The clothes he was wearing could not disguise the fact that he had a beautiful body hidden underneath and I was willing to bet his cock was more then a mouthful also. A friend had recommend trying modelling to him so here he was in front of me in all his splendor. I could sense a chemistry between us and I was so horny that I kept forgetting my carefully prepared lines. In the end I simply asked him if he wanted to try porn and when he agreed, I asked him to lick my pussy. There was no need for any promises, this hunk had no girlfriend and I was offering him my pussy on a couch. He jumped at the chance and was soon swirling his tongue around and inside my wet, moist hole. He was good, he could lick paint off a fence, but I wanted his cock inside me and I drew him deep into my mouth first, playing with his balls much to his groans of delight. Enough was enough, time to see what this stud could do. I didn't realize what I had let myself in for, he fucked me beautifully in a few positions and I came several times. He had the stamina of an elephant and he would keep relentlessly pounding my pussy until I almost couldn't take any more pleasure and I was begging him to cum all over me. He worked himself up with some powerful thrusts before pulling out and erupting all over my stomach. I tried to catch my breath as I watched his thick spunk dribble down to my pussy lips. What a stud, that could fuck for his country, shame I won't see him again. Enjoy.

August 26, 2014
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